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Registration deadline is now open
for the 2022/23 academic year.
Come any time to visit us.

The office remains open during admission tests, open days or registration periods, including Saturdays, on these dates. In any case, we recommend contacting beforehand to make an appointment. Call us at 948171746

One of the characteristics of the service is the possibility of choosing a place among the options we propose according to the individual profile and the wishes of the student.

Attention. Reservations are for the full course 2022/23, from September to May / June.



How can I access the apartments?



Come and visit our office to get to know you better and help you find the apartment that best suits your needs, or go to the search website and choose the room you need.



Don’t miss it! , if you have already made your choice, book directly from the web following the steps indicated and you will not have to worry; or talk to us directly so that we can do the paperwork for you.



We will take care of the contract to formalize your stay. You only have to prepare your bags for your arrival in Pamplona.

Contact Unicasa

Are you interested in this apartment but before making the reservation you prefer to talk with us? Fill out the form below and we will call you as soon as possible and we will answer your questions.